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"Next-gen McKinsey based on just hiring founders"


Our teams are assembled purposefully for each project using the very best of our core team and independent talent to meet your individual challenge. 


Meet the storytellers, the builders, the researchers and visionaries of UNPITCHD


Stephanie Renucci

Steph is the founder of UNPITCHD, the UK's first Venture Builders platform. With over 15 years experience in strategy and innovation in London, Europe, Latin America and Africa, Steph has shaped and launched myriads new offers in the FMCG, Energy, Mobility and Fintech sectors. Can be found... falling off a surfboard  ​


Marcus Carter
Senior Strategist

Marcus joined the team with a wealth of experience in creating new digital ventures from conception through to launch. His long agency background has allowed Marcus to throw this energy at a wide range of industry challenges where he has worked on both new and existing products for large corporates and start-ups. ​Can be found...walking Monty ​


Lauren Liotti
Consultant and Project Manager 

Lauren has worked at the United Nations HQ for six years as a NGO Youth Representative. During her time at UNPITCHD, she has facilitated the largest consortium behavioural science research project the Local Government Association has ever run.  Can be found... petting a New York bodega cat


Kate McLean
Consultant and Project Manager 

Kate was employee #3 in Canadian founded company SmartSweets that sold for $360m USD (2020). At St Andrews, Kate managed and styled the collections of 25 designers at one of the university's largest fashion shows. Can be found... making popcorn


Tobias Rooney
Senior Strategist

Toby has over 30 years of experience in strategy and innovation and has helped an Energy company define, build and launch an innovation engine that delivered £100m+ of value in 5 years. He is the proud co-writer and co-editor of innovation publication 'Ten thousand and two'. Can be the library


Eleanor Heather
Behavioural Scientist 

Eleanor is one of the world's first applied behavioural scientists. She continues to embed behavioural science thinking in public, private and third sector organisations to revolutionise how they design for sticky social challenges like food waste, personal debt and mental health. ​ Can be the florist

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Shirley (Shi-Tong) Chen
Service Designer 

Shirley has worked as a service designer on projects about EV transition, sustainable travel, future of work, decentralised finance and mental health. She has coordinated 10+ large scale events to foster cultural exchange between China and the UK. ​Can be found...talking to a rubber duck Can be found... making popcorn


Adiba Osmani
Senior Strategist

Adiba has 20 plus years of experience in crafting strategy, developing consumer propositions and taking new brands to market. She is the Founder and MD of Inhere, a global meditation studio, offering meditation classes and meditation pods. Can be one of her own Inhere meditation pods Can be the library


Natan Sklair
Behavioural Economist

Natan has built out the Behavioural Economics Team at one of Africa's largest financial services firms, Old Mutual. He is the proud founder and Behavioural Economist at Sklair, a company challenging assumptions about how people experience the world. Can be found…cooking lavish dinners for his friends


Mariela Atanassova
System Thinker and Facilitator 

Mariela is an innovation industry leader with over 15 years of experience founding companies and facilitating workshops that specialize in System Transformation, Strategic Innovation and Facilitation. She was awarded the UK's Women in Fintech award (2015). Can be a university lecture from a camper van


David Searle
Fintech Entrepreneur

David has founded and scaled multiple Fin Tech / Financial Services and product businesses. Additionally, he has built and launched the UK's first full service on-demand roadside assistance business. Can be found...taking one of his 3 children to football practice


Helen Murphy

Helen is the Co-Founder and CEO of Opply, a company creating a fully traceable and predictive global supply chain for SMEs, with already 10 million suppliers. She was awarded founder in Residence at Entrepreneur First (2021). Can be found...pondering big existential questions like "why are there holes in cheese?"


Martin Edwards 
Digital Prototyper 

Martin has over 15 years of web developer experience. He is the founder of digital prototyping company, Spin Up.  Can be found...enjoying the sights of the gorgeous Brighton & Hove area


Mike Hillman
Graphic Designer

Mike has built out countless brands from the bottom up, designed websites for large corporates and created interactive consumer facing platforms. He brings his 9 years of experience working agency-side as a designer to every project he does. Can be found...listening to his professional opera singing wife


Maddi Riddel
Innovation Expert

With over 30 years of experience in developing new brands, products and service propositions with a wide range of global clients, Maddy still brings her passion for developing the more differentiating, disruptive and dynamic insight needed for game changing innovation.​ Can be found...harvesting vegetables in her allotment garden

We are always on the lookout for talent. 

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