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Financial Services 
New Proposition Development

The challenge 

“We know that our category is largely unloved. But our most profitable cohorts of customers all show above average engagement with our products. So, how can we drive meaningful engagement and make financial services products more exciting?” 

- Head of Innovation Lab, UK Leading insurance & financial services 



What we did 

We used behavioural science, consumer research and rapid prototyping testing techniques to build intrinsic and extrinsic motivators into the app experience (e.g. gamification and rewards). The outcome is an engagement model that rewards higher frequency interaction with financial services products.  

Consumer Goods 
Consumer Insights

The challenge 

“Due to a change in regulation, we need to change the formula on our lead SKU. It represents 40% of our beauty sales. That will coincide with a full re-branding and re-design of our packaging. How can we de-risk those key launches and assess the impact of the change on our customer base?” 

- Head of Marketing, Global cosmetics marketing manufacturer  



What we did 

We designed a bespoke insights campaign, using qualitative ethnographies and social listening techniques to recruit users and run comparative tests to provide clear recommendations that enabled the team to feel safe in critical decision-making.  

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Social Impact
Behavioural Insights & Capability Development 

The challenge 

“Behaviourally informed interventions are a proven way to drive cost-effective, positive behaviour change in Public Health. Yet, we rely on agencies to help us run our campaigns. How can build independent behavioural science capabilities in our public health teams and to maximise public investment spend?” 

- Senior Programme Manager for UK Local Authorities 



What we did 

We created a Behavioural Insights training toolkit that helps large teams to go from identification of behaviour to change to intervention design easily. The toolkit was rolled out across 2 consortiums of UK Councils and helped us train 20 public health officials since 2021. The interventions addressed access to healthcare for deprived populations in London and mental health management for 12-15-year olds in the North of England. 


Capability & Leadership Development 

The challenge 

“Our teams are great at creating new offers and ideas: there are actually too many potential innovations going around the business. Can you help us train our teams in developing discerning new customer value propositions, and “kill” projects that do not add value to our business faster?” 

- Leadership & Development Leader, World-leading Energy Provider  



What we did 

We created and rolled out a “customer value proposition” training that really works for corporates. We provided the process, the tools, the mindsets and the coaching needed for the business to future-proof their offer, prioritise the right concepts and create competitive advantage across product verticals.   

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New Venture Building

The challenge 

“The car industry is saturated but over 1 million drivers in the UK buy one or more of our car services each year. Can you help us build a new direct to consumer proposition that binds all our services together into an exciting ecosystem of offers?” 

- CEO, UK Private equity investor with majority stake in 4 automotive-related businesses 



What we did 

We developed an app for drivers under 16 weeks that takes the faff out of car ownership. It created a “frequency hook” for the group’s businesses and allowed them to maximise the untapped potential of their customer base.  

Consumer Services 
Growth Strategy

The challenge 

“We’ve created a customer-facing proposition for pet owners that joins offers from 4 businesses in our portfolio. But building an offer across businesses require a deep level of strategic alignment. How can we orchestrate effective collaboration and successfully launch an ecosystem proposition?” 

- CEO, UK Private equity investor with majority stake in 4 businesses along the pet ownership customer journey 



What we did 

We created a made-to-measure ecosystem growth strategy, with guiding principles and a clear roadmap that leverages each of the individual businesses’ strengths to create an unfair competitive advantage for all the participants in the ecosystem.    

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