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Introducing: Leave Your Mark

Updated: May 3

Actionable insights, tools and inspiration for changemakers, by innovation practitioners.
Text: Leave Your Mark, a weekly newsletter brought to you by UNPITCHD

Welcome to Leave Your Mark!

Leave Your Mark is the weekly newsletter for corporate changemakers, by the strategy and innovation experts at UNPITCHD. If you are a leader working hard to push boundaries and make change happen in an organisation that is set to operate, not innovate ---- this newsletter is for you.

Why this newsletter?

Our agency’s offer has been designed as a support system for corporate changemakers. They come to us when they need the tools, the skills, or the team to make their organisations leap.

While business content is in no short supply, much of it misses the mark for us—and likely for you too. Generic lessons from distant observers? Endless articles on how to craft chatbot prompts? Not from us.

Leave Your Mark is all about actionable insights crafted by those who've been in the trenches of change. Each issue promises content that informs, inspires, and invigorates changemakers in our network.

Why 'Leave Your Mark'?

We chose this name because it perfectly captures the ambitions of our network: to make a lasting impact and improve their worlds in tangible ways. Every Friday, expect actionable insights and inspiration with a fresh perspective designed to keep you ahead.

A look at our upcoming issues:

Preparing for launch has been an absolute labour of love, and we hope you’ll enjoy reading our content as much as we’ve enjoyed creating it.

See you next Friday and in the meantime –

Leave Your Mark!

Steph Renucci and the UNPITCHD team

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